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Peter Hess Sound Massage as a Complementary Method in Therapeutic Practice, Dr. phil. Christina M. Koller

Sound massage for fibromyalgia in the context of multimodal pain therapy, M.G. Braun, A. Braun

Supporting healing processes with words and sounds, Dr. med. Maren Pohl-Hauptmann, MA

The healing power of sound, recovery from life-threatening illness using sound, voice and music, Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D., Shambhala Boston & London

Healing sounds, the power of harmonics, Jonathan Goldman, Healing arts Press

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Anatomie subtile, Roberto Zamperini, Editions Trajectoire

Physiologie subtile, Roberto Zamperini, Editions Trajectoire

La cellule mère et l’énergie du temps, Roberto Zamperini, Editions Trajectoire.

Spasmophiles, libérez vos émotions, Dr Jean Dupire, Editions Mosaïque-Santé

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